Don’t be available, be valuable!

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In the adventure of advancing and improving our knowledge or the current job position, we always strive to be present and ready to address everyone’s problems. We strive to ensure that people can always count on us and get the answers that they need, behaving irresponsibly towards ourselves.

Although this way of doing is crucial for certain professions, it isn’t for most of them. Actually, it can be more harmful than you can even imagine…

Prioritizing is mandatory

As a software developer, I can say that this characteristic can harm the quality of work that is required. I don’t doubt that the same is with many other professions. Because of it, some companies have a policy in which is defined that every developer should have at least 5 hours of uninterrupted work daily. Be free and courageous to say no to people from time to time or to recognize non-priority issues, which you can address later.

Remember that in some situations your response is expected asap

Nothing in life is absolute, don’t take your work as the only important thing. It is always necessary to find a balance.

Sometimes during the day, your response/advice/decision is mandatory and needed by others to proceed with their work. In these cases, you need to act and help others. After all, teamwork is what we should all strive for. Today, your colleague needs help, tomorrow, you will need it.

That is why it is very important to value your time, provide yourself with adequate working conditions, but also to recognize situations where you need to disrupt your workflow and be there for others.

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